About Us

“I remember when I was around 7 or 8, the first thing impressing me in people’s home was professional audio equipment. This great passion made me purchase for an expensive device at the age of 16. In these 24 years my favorite hobby/amusement was to visit best audio equipment stores all over the world. All these years I suffered from loss of adequate knowledge about designing and suitable use of these goods in our country. Finally, with my beloved friends’ assistance I could establish my own company in order to help boost rich culture of music in Iran.”

“Hamid Reza Taghizadeh- the founder of Tooska Audio Co.”

We at, Tooska Audio Company are chasing our dreams with all our efforts to make a difference in the way you hear sounds.

Every day and every moment, we’re updating our knowledge about sound and music, improving the quality and quantity of products in our several showrooms. We enthusiastically attend related exhibitions such as “High End” and “Hifi” which are the world’s most important and professional exhibitions on audio equipment over recent years.

Tooska Audio is proudly cooperating with the most well-known brands of audio equipment in the world. We’d take pride in announcing that we’re the representative of following loyal partners:

We wish to add a sweet sense of better sounds to your everyday life.

Let’s listen to the true sound!